Recent research has shown that a person’s belief around stress determines how they will be affected.

In the research project it was found that people who believed that stress was bad for them had a greater chance of dying earlier.

Quite an interesting experiment.

I suppose all of us to some degree have been taught to be believe that stress is bad.

But what would happen if we were taught to believe that stress is good?

Health psychologist, Kelly McGonigal, claims that a better attitude to stress could prolong your life (see Ted Talk link above).

Now that’s some novel thinking!

About the author:

Clive Kaplan, is a CA(SA) having studied at both Rhodes and UCT. With over 20 years experience as an executive director in both listed and unlisted companies. Clive offers a wealth of wisdom on both the people and business front. He is the CEO of Green Mind Capital. The company focuses on assisting executives, especially emerging young CA’s, maximize their potential and fast-track their careers. Clive has been involved with coaching and self development since 1994. Green Mind Capital is an emerging leader in the field of personal development and self-actualization.