I don’t know about you but procrastination is part of my humanity. To view it any other way leaves me exposed to my negative dramas. Okay, there are various degree of this malady but in essence we all experience it at some time or other. For some people this could be some mild postponement while for others it might manifest as a dysfunctional freeze on action of any sort.

In the book PROCRASTINATION, by Dr Burka and Dr Yuen it is suggested that there maybe deeper reasons why people procrastinate:

  • Depression
  • ADD (attention deficit disorder)
  • Insufficient sleep (especially apnea)
  • Burnout (the most common)

So before you start accusing yourself of being a lazy bum, consider some other possible causes and get them treated by a qualified professional.

Clive Kaplan, has over 20 YEAR’S EXPERIENCE as an executive director in both listed and unlisted companies. Having been involved at DIRECTOR/BOARD level. Clive can offer a wealth of wisdom on both the people and business front especially regarding some of the ‘political’ stuff.

Clive has developed GREEN MIND CAPITAL with the objective of assisting you MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL.

As a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT, Clive understands the financial gymnastics and disciplines required to transform yourself and your business. He has a remarkable understanding of the complexities of doing business in this ever-changing, fast environment and yet has the ability to KEEP THINGS SIMPLE and yet, practical.

Clive also understands the PETTY THINGS that can get in the way of personal transformation and how to get them out the way. Issues like procrastination and negative expectation are some of the attributes that prevent success.

Clive is an intuitive business and transformation coach who will help you get to the next level – fast.  

Contact details:

Cell  072 280 6878 or at clivekaplan@gmail.com and www.greenmindcapital.co.za.