Being a CA(SA) myself I know that we are a brother/sisterhood of a particular kind  – and we speak our own language.

We are practical, very inquiring and we cut to the chase!

No fancy frills. Just tell it like it is and we are receptive and open. Try and present fast talking marketing bumph and we will shut you down completely!

Know this – when you are talking to us about great opportunities or money-making schemes you will have a formidable adversary in us CA’s. We will quickly see the the loopholes and the traps. So don’t try pull the wool over our eyes as you will be in for an unpleasant surprise. We are not a particular patient bunch and we don’t like sly tactics – tell it like it is!

Let’s face it. Life is becoming increasingly challenging. The fast pace of change is staggering. What applied yesterday is already falling out of vogue. New ideas and new concepts are bouncing into the ether at an alarming rate every single day.Image result for personal growth

How does one deal with this ever-changing world and stay ahead of the curve. Well, with great difficulty. The real challenge is to STAY FOCUSED. And with the constant bombardment of the internet/social media it is very easy to find oneself flitting all over the place. In the process not enough gets done.

In among all this chaos there is some order.

But it has to be created . . . . by you!

I am very big on the idea of taking responsibility. It’s a word that I hated as a child because it always came up when I did something wrong. I was prone to losing things and my mother always used to say to me “You are irresponsible!”. Accordingly I associated responsibility with having to drag in all those bad things that I had done wrong in my life and ‘face them’!

It was only much later on that I discovered that taking responsibility was really about self-empowerment.

This means I can create whatever I want!Related image

I suppose it now raises this scary question – what do I want?

It is my view that most people avoid taking responsibility because they feel so powerless. And they feel powerless because they don’t know what they want.

Now don’t think that we as CA’s are immune to this.

In fact sometimes we are even more trapped and stuck.

It took a great deal of courage on my part to break away and make a change.

Having studied and pained my way to becoming a CA made it unthinkable that I would be anything else!

It is amazing how many CA’s I see who actually don’t want to be accountants.They don’t know it but they remain miserable because they are stuck with this label “I’m an accountant! And I must be and do what accountants do. Make money, become successful etc”. They cannot see that if they followed there true passion they could live a fulfilling and rewarding life.Image result for personal growth

Now don’t let me underestimate the difficulty of facing up to ones own truth.

It’s a monumental.

But the rewards are immeasurable.

So why a coach? Where does this fit in?

1. They help you to develop a workable strategy by simply allowing you to hear     your own thoughts being expressed. In his book The Empty Raincoat,  Charles Handy posed the question “HOW CAN I KNOW WHAT I THINK UNTIL I HEAR MYSELF SPEAK?”

2. The objectivity of an independent person allows for a nonjudgmental interaction which allows you to FIND NEW PARTS OF YOURSELF previously unknown.

3. Setting goals is one thing but achieving them is an entirely different matter.     Working with another person allows for a process that HOLDS YOU               ACCOUNTABLE.

4. Regular contact ensures that you OVERCOME BAD HABITS.

5. An astute coach will help you IDENTIFY YOUR PASSION.

And here is the most important part. Be willing to PAY for this service and get yourself a good COACH.

And remember that free advice is worth every cent that you pay for it.

And . . . coaching needs to always be part of your personal business plan!


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Clive Kaplan, has over 20 YEAR’S EXPERIENCE in both listed and unlisted companies. Having been involved at DIRECTOR/BOARD level, Clive can offer a wealth of wisdom on both the people and business front.

Clive has developed GREEN MIND CAPITAL with the objective of assisting you MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL.

As a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT, Clive understands the financial gymnastics and disciplines required to transform yourself and your business. He has a remarkable understanding of the complexities of doing business in this ever-changing, fast environment and yet has the ability to KEEP THINGS SIMPLE and yet, practical.

Clive also understands the PETTY THINGS that can get in the way of personal transformation and how to get them out the way. Issues like procrastination and negative expectation are some of the attributes that prevent success.

Clive is an intuitive business and transformation coach who will help you get to the next level.

Contact details:

Cell  072 280 6878 or at and