I notice that, in my blogs, I often refer to the various human beings in the male gender.

I humbly submit that I do attempt to use the words ‘they’ and ‘them’ instead of ‘his’ and ‘him’ to avoid any possible controversy.

I concede that I usually get myself into a tangle resulting in me surrendering to the challenge and settling on him/his.

I do, however, wish to note that I am becoming much more sensitive to the gender issue. Since I have been working as a coach I have had the privilege to be shown the women’s struggle in a male dominated environment.

Accordingly my ‘his/him’ repetitive application of the ‘his/him’ pronouns creates the impression that I stand behind this male dominance paradigm. I was going to say perception but that would again be insensitive to women’s plight – ‘perception’ implies that there is still room for debate on this issue.

The business world is a decidedly testosterone-soaked environment.

So I undertake to put more effort into ensuring that both genders are equally recognised.

In the meantime please accept my apologies if I have frustrated or irritated you in any way with my lopsided, albeit unintended, gender imbalances.

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