Everyone has the tools to be great, but not everyone knows how to best utilise those tools. Our specialty at Green Mind Capital is transforming your thinking through tailor-made, expert-driven training to help you become conscious of your greatest assets and how you can build on them for success.

We begin with an assessment to better understand your objectives and what you want and need from our coaching. Everyone’s needs are different, which is why we take each step alongside our candidates, as partners – walking you through the process, allowing us to adjust our method as we go, to provide custom, outcome-driven results. Every session is unique and made specifically based on your needs.

We also understand that much of your learning will take place after our sessions in the practical space, which is why we also provide you with an Accountability Partner. Providing regular interaction, keeping your learning on track and hold you responsible to your commitments – they will ensure you never lose focus on the road to success.

Our methods are unconventional yet simple, focussing on three fundamental principles for success – structure, content and support. We are not about goal-setting, instead everything we do is about empowerment and making a holistic transformation, to not just improve your business skills, but also to uplift your communication skills, confidence and ability to make positive changes on your own.

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Dealing with issues in the workplace can be difficult, especially with more senior executives.

Learn how to become more aware of your interactions with your team, colleagues and superiors in order to make a substantial difference to your progression in the organisation.

Creating a positive perspective of yourself will have many powerful advantages.

Learn how to transform your thinking by understanding true value and how to focus your passion.

Self-esteem is supported by the positive relationships we create.

Learn how to work effectively in balancing your relationships to give yourself a renewed confidence and more positive outlook.

Excessive focus on career development often creates imbalances in personal relationships, health and spirituality.

Learn how to achieve a balance that will sustain you and hold you firm.

Starting a new business can be complicated without the right guidance.

Learn how to start, run and succeed as a small business with our step-by-step support – from a one-man start-up to becoming to a multi-staffed business.