Blockchain. Sounds like a plumbing device. But Blockchain is now ready for the world! Picture a world in which there is only one currency - where financial transactions happen instantaneously, paperless, fully transparent and cybercrime-free. Picture a world where there are no exorbitant bank charges, no fees. Picture a world where nearly every transaction [...]

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CALL CENTRES – The REAL Cause Of Road Rage!

  I rate myself as a pretty tolerant person. I respect people and always try to enhance someone's day by just being nice and friendly. But when it comes to call centres that is where it all goes wrong for me. There is nothing more irritating than fumbling through a service provider's system trying to [...]

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MINDFULNESS – Something Old Appearing New

  I recently attended a seminar titled "LEADERSHIP " at one of the big 4 auditing firms. The basic discussion was around EQ - Emotional Intelligence. One of the interesting observations was that this technology was not readily accepted in the workplace. Not surprising. Business is about the survival of the fittest. And this is [...]

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The KRUGER MILLIONS – Fact or Fancy?

In my personal life I have a fascination with the Anglo Boer War. There is a lot of well maintained battle sights and museums available to visit as well as a number of excellent books on the subject. There is nothing quite as awesome as standing at the Maggersfontein Battle Field near Kimberley and imagining the [...]

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  I picked this clip up on the internet called The Twenty Most Beautiful Countries in the World. SA was voted #1. It was probably written by the Department of Tourism. Nevertheless thought I would post this edited version as a reminder of who we are: South Africa ¬†sweeps international travel prizes and has travelers [...]

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