WAR STORIES FOR EXECUTIVES – BEWARE! Never Underestimate the Value of your CFO.

  WAR STORIES FOR EXECUTIVES is a new series of articles discussing ominous experiences that have been revealed in coaching sessions by higher level executives - lessons we can all learn from.   Sometimes I come across some real pearls. People tell me stories that pique my professional interest and remind me of how mindless we, as [...]

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THE CA(SA) MANAGER – A ROTTEN CULTURE COMES FROM THE TOP – but you don’t have to pass it on!

  Too often I come across coaching clients that are employed by companies with an inherent toxic culture. It is remarkable to see the change in their demeanor when it becomes apparent that the reason why they are struggling with bosses and colleagues is not really to do with what they are doing. It is [...]

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  I often quietly giggle when a coaching client tells me that they are thinking of leaving their current position because "there is no scope for advancement". This such an outrageously limited view of reality. My experience has shown me many, many times how suddenly things change. Just out of the blue the person who [...]

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THE SECRET – the Law of Attraction?

  Is there such a thing as the Law of Attraction? Well, who knows? What I do know and have experienced first-hand, is the law of awareness. Unlike the law of attraction, the law of awareness proposes the same thing but in a more palatable way, with none of the magical stuff. So here goes. When you [...]

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MINDFULNESS – Something Old Appearing New

  I recently attended a seminar titled "LEADERSHIP " at one of the big 4 auditing firms. The basic discussion was around EQ - Emotional Intelligence. One of the interesting observations was that this technology was not readily accepted in the workplace. Not surprising. Business is about the survival of the fittest. And this is [...]

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    I don't know about you but I just don't seem to have enough time in the day to do what needs to be done. Nonetheless I can spend an hour or two rummaging through my emails or some other mindless pursuit like Facebook! Needless to say that at the end of the day there [...]

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THE VIRTUAL OFFICE – take heed Mr Landlord. This is this where we could be heading.

  Technology is now making it possible to run an office from a car parked at a water hole in the Pilanesberg Game Park whilst watching elephants having a swim. What with wi-fi, Skype, the scanner and 4G  who needs an office? And then there's FreeLance and Fivver - who needs permanent staff? You can [...]

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