In our business we deal almost exclusively with CA’s.

I personally interview a number every week.

The despair that I see in a lot of their eyes astounds me.

As CA’s, we are a special breed. We are highly skilled, clever, tenacious and determined. It is without doubt one of the hardest courses to pass and believe me, you need a strong character to win through.

What amazes me is the lack of confidence of some these potentially powerful people.

Of course there are those that are great. But they are surprisingly in the minority.

However what still holds good is that potentially highly skilled people are not moving forward in their careers at the rate that they should.

What I am seeing is that this is largely due to the fact that they lack confidence – they do not see their own worth.

What is even more sad is that there are mechanisms at their disposal that can assist them in breaking out of their own limiting beliefs.

I have been on my own personal journey and have discovered that working with the right coach is a very effective way to create change. I have 8 coaches of my own – one for each state of mind that I might find myself  in at anytime.

Sound crazy?

Well it depends how you define a coach. For me I prefer to call them ‘support partners’.

Being a coach myself this does sound self-serving. But my coaches have taken me to heights that were previously impossible – impossible to the degree that I did not think that I was capable of the changes that I have made recently in my life.

Today I am in a career which has been my passion all my life and loving it!

On coaching?


About the author:                                                                                                                  

Clive Kaplan is a prolific writer on LinkedIn PULSE. He has written over 45 articles on various topics from financial management and operations to job search and confidence building. He is also the author of the winQs series (pronounced ‘winks’) which appears regularly on the LinkedIn network. 

Being a CA(SA) with over 20 years’ experience as an executive director in both listed and unlisted companies, Clive brings some interesting perspectives to the field of management. Having been involved at Director/Board level, he offers a wealth of wisdom on both the people and business front.

Clive is the CEO of GREEN MIND CAPITAL (Pty) Ltd. The company focuses on assisting executives, especially emerging young CA’s, maximize their potential and fast-track their careers.

Clive has been involved with coaching and self-development since 1994. He has a particular interest in Cognitive Awareness Technology (CAT) and has completed a number of advanced courses on the topic including The More To Life Training, Way of The Warrior, The Power of Self Esteem, The Power of Purpose, The Power of Connection, The A & B Phase Mentor Training, The I Am Training, Joy Spring, and is in the process of completing the world-renowned ORSC Corporate Coaching Course.

Clive’s mix of years of practical executive experience coupled with his own personal self-development journey brings together a unique method of Transformation Coaching. He has hundreds of hours of one-on-one coaching to his credit

Clive is also a ORT Jet mentor and works closely with the More To Life Program, both on a voluntary basis.

In his personal life, Clive is an avid walker and swimmer both of which he does most days throughout the year.

He has a passion for SA history, specifically around the Anglo-Boer War era and collects books relating to this period. He also has a tongue-in-cheek fascination with the President Paul Kruger’s hidden treasure (commonly known as the Kruger Millions) and is somewhat of an authority on the subject.  

Clive spends a lot of his spare time in the bush and has a special interest in photography. 

Clive is married to Adrienne and has two young children – Bianca aged 14 and Daniel aged 10. He lives with his family in Johannesburg, South Africa.